Embrace the Allure of Women's Floral Perfume

Embrace the Allure of Women's Floral Perfume

In the world of perfume, it won't be long before you run into floral notes. Many flowers are loved for their fragrant blooms for centuries, so it's only natural that the same plants would be the inspiration for fragrances. Let's look at the world of women's floral perfume and what you need to know to find your favorite.

Why Women's Floral Perfume Is Popular

Floral perfume is timeless and always in fashion, and there are plenty of reasons for the appeal. The first is the sense of having a connection to nature. The smell of flowers can remind you of spring and summer and bring the joy that comes with those times of year.

You can also find a wide variety of scents in the world of floral perfumes. There are so many distinct-smelling flowers from across the world that have been recreated in perfume form that it's possible to find a scent for every mood. You can find light and airy floral perfumes as well as deep and earthy ones.

Common Scent Notes in Women's Floral Perfume

Across the board, there are a few floral scents that appear in a lot of fragrances. Once you learn which ones suit you, you'll be able to find blends and combinations that work for you. Here are a few:

  • Rose: Sometimes called the "Queen of Flowers", rose is a staple scent note in many perfumes. It can be sweet and light or rich and velvety depending on how it's handled. Roses are associated with femininity and romance, so they are a logical choice for a women's perfume.
  • Jasmine: This white blossom is also a popular perfume ingredient. It has a warm and rich floral fragrance that lends itself well to evening perfumes.
  • Lily of the Valley: Brightness and freshness are often the impressions you get from lily of the valley. This flower offers a crisp, green and slightly sweet scent and is great in casual fragrances.
  • Gardenia: Using this flower is all about luxury. The scent is creamy and exotic, with the right amount of sweetness to give it a romantic, sultry feel.
  • Tuberose: Tuberose can be a bold scent, with a slight hint of spice. It adds a lot of interest to floral perfumes by adding depth.
  • Lavender: Known for its calming properties, lavender brings a clean and herbal fragrance to perfumes. Its aroma works well in both women's floral perfume and unisex aromas.

Take a look at the scent notes in some of your favorite perfumes from the past; are any of these florals part of the blend? You may notice a pattern if all of your go-to scents seem to share an ingredient. Use that knowledge to shop for other fragrances that are similar but may have different accents so you can expand your collection.

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Having a women's floral perfume for every occasion will make you feel confident as you move through life, whether you're going on a date or spending the day at the office. For perfumes you'll love at prices that work for you, shop with LaBelle Perfumes today.


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