Perfume Tips and Tricks: Enhance the Longevity and Sillage of Your Fragrance

Perfume Tips and Tricks: Enhance the Longevity and Sillage of Your Fragrance

A high-quality fragrance is a worthwhile investment, but if the scent only seems to last an hour or so, what's the point? Your product may not be the real issue; it could be your application technique. These simple but effective perfume tips can help you get the lasting fragrance and the enticing sillage you're looking for.

3 Perfume Tips To Improve Fragrance Longevity

To help that luscious scent last all day long, start by prepping your skin properly for application. Perfumes last longer when applied to clean, moisturized skin. Post-shower after moisturizing with an unscented lotion is the best time to apply. Then, follow these guidelines for the best results.

1. Utilize Your Body Temperature

Many people know pulse points are excellent places to apply fragrances but don't know why. Heat helps to activate the scent and pulse points are warmer locations of the body, making this one of the most effective perfume tricks. For a lingering impact, spritz or dab the product:

  • at the wrists
  • along the sides of the neck
  • behind the knees
  • inside the elbows

Just be sure you don't rub it in, as this can have the opposite effect.

2. Choose the Right Location

One of the most important perfume tips to follow is to apply your fragrance in areas that are not covered up by clothing or accessories. This can block or absorb the smell completely. Opt for locations closer to pulse points that are open to the air for better results. Your hair can be another great location, as the warmth from your scalp and the movement of the strands can help make the scent more pronounced.

3. Pick the Right Product

If longevity is important to you, you may want to go with an eau de parfum rather than a body mist or eau de toilette. The latter is typically a lighter fragrance that can wear off three hours earlier (or more) than eau de parfum.

Perfume Tips and Tricks for Better Sillage

Sillage is the term for that lingering trail of fragrance your perfume leaves behind. It has less to do with the strength of the smell and more to do with the particles' ability to dissipate and suspend themselves in the air. While following perfume tips for longevity can help, you can enhance the sillage of your fragrance by starting with a scent that contrasts with your natural body chemistry, so it stands out more against your natural fragrance. Look for options with notes of:

You can also improve sillage by misting more than just your skin with the fragrance. Apply it lightly to the leather strap of your handbag or your favorite scarf. Accessories are the perfect vessel for casting out more of your signature scent.

Use Your Favorite Perfume Tips With the Best Fragrances

Even the very best perfume tips and practices fall short without a great product to use them on. When you want top-of-the-line fragrances, from timeless classics to new favorites, LaBelle Perfumes is your go-to. You'll find something for every preference and at the best prices. Shop LaBelle's entire collection of unisex, men's, and women's fragrances to make a statement wherever you go.




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