Everything You Need to Know About Fragrance Notes and What They Mean

You might wear a specific perfume or cologne for work or for a night out on the town, but do you know the different types of fragrance notes and how to differentiate between them? There’s a reason for them and understanding them will help you to be a connoisseur of all things fragrances.

Everything You Need to Know About Fragrance Notes and What They Mean

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  1. What are Fragrance Notes
    1. Fragrances Notes Relate to Ingredients
      1. Everything from citrus to cinnamon to wood
        1. Fruity includes Berry and Tropical scents: apple, mango, strawberry
        2. Floral includes Sweet and Fresh scents: violet, rose, jasmine
        3. Woody includes Aromatic and Amber: mossy woods, dry woods, aromatic
        4. Fresh includes Citrus and Aquatic: water, citrus, green, herbs
    2. Note Types
      1. Top Notes
      2. Heart Notes
      3. Base Notes
  2. Fragrance Notes Chart
    1. Top Notes Duration: Up to 15 Minutes
      1. Fruits: lemon, orange, lavender, basil
      2. Fragrance Type: Sweet
    2. Heart Notes Duration: Up to 60 Minutes
      1. Floral: pepper, cinnamon, lemon grass, rose
      2. Fragrance Type: Flowery
    3. Base Notes Duration: Up to 6+ Hours
      1. Woods / Naturals: sandalwood, cedarwood, amber
      2. Fragrance Type: Rich



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