Saying "I Do" to These Wedding Day Perfumes For Your Big Day

Saying "I Do" to These Wedding Day Perfumes For Your Big Day

Weddings are back in a big way. In 2022, there were on average over 7000 weddings each day. People are showing up in person to tie the knot, and you’re no exception. You’ll focus energy on finding the right outfit, but you should also look for the right fragrance. You want to smell your best on one of the most important days of your life.

Finding That Special Fragrance

There are several factors to consider when looking for wedding day perfumes, as well as scents for other events such as a shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, etc. Consider these factors:

  • Time and location: If you’re getting married in the summer, a lighter, more refreshing scent may be the move. For a fall or winter wedding, look for something warmer and more sensual. If you’re doing a destination event in the tropics, consider something fruity or floral.
  • Personal style: The big day is all about you (and your partner), so you should wear something that reflects your personal tastes. Do you prefer classic or modern perfumes? Do you prefer sweeter or earthier fragrances? You’ll feel more confident when you’re being yourself.
  • Try before you buy:  Give yourself time to sample different fragrances. You also need to give the scent time to develop, before you commit.
  • Yes to the dress and scent: When trying out wedding outfits, wear your preferred fragrance. You want your perfume to complement your look, not overwhelm it.

As you shop, think about other fragrances that will be present at your event, including that of your partner, food, beverages, flowers, candles, etc.

Exploring Wedding Day Perfumes

Consider these fragrances for your special day:

  • Dior J'adore is an elegant and sophisticated scent that is lovely for a wedding. It combines the romantic power of orchids with fruits and woody notes, conveying femininity, optimism, and sensuality.
  • Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a unique and unforgettable perfume that is ideal for the modern bride, especially one who likes unisex fragrances. A woody, aromatic scent, this is inspired by the Ghost Flower of the Mojave Desert.
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a classic fragrance that exudes elegance and feminine charm. It is a floral scent with notes of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. It’s great for creating an aura of romance.
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy is a wonderful perfume for a spring or summer wedding. It is a floral scent with notes of violet, jasmine, and musk, projecting a vibe that is both innocent and flirtatious.
  • Princess by Vera Wang brings a sexy and sweet element that is recommended for evening or nighttime nuptials. It is an enchanting swirl of florals, fruits, and gourmand accords such as vanilla and dark chocolate.

Making Magic Memories With Scent

Wedding day perfumes help etch the day in your mind. Every time you smell that special scent, you’ll be reminded of the love and joy that you felt on your big day. No matter what perfume you choose, make sure that it is something that you love and that makes you feel confident. LaBelle Perfumes brings you the scents you’ll cherish at prices you’ll love. Contact us at 305-633-1946 to learn more.




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