The Art of Layering Fragrances for a Unique Scent

The Art of Layering Fragrances for a Unique Scent

Layering fragrances is an art form, not just a means of gathering the perfumes you have on hand and creating a fingers crossed cocktail of sorts. It requires knowing your scents, knowing what works together, and knowing what the goal is of layering your scents. For instance, layering a few fragrances might make your primary scent last longer or make it more potent. Whatever the case, it takes some planning, which is where we have you covered:

The Art of Layering Fragrances for a Unique Scent

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  1. Goals of Layering Fragrances
    1. Show off your personality
    2. Exhibit feeling
    3. Longevity or potency of a specific fragrance
  2. General Rules
    1. Use one scent on the neck and another on the wrists
    2. Use the more potent scent first, then the milder scents
    3. Use a basic base that can be added to. For example, fruits / florals can be layered on top of vanilla or a body wash from the shower to layer on top of
    4. Use scents that compliment each other
    5. Use a body lotion to moisturize the skin for a longer lasting effect
  3. The Purpose of Fragrance Notes
    1. Top note is the initial scent but is short in length
    2. Bottom note is what hangs around the longest
    3. Mix a top and bottom note that compliment each other, using the top note as the first impression and the bottom as the lasting impression
  4. Where to Apply
    1. Wrists
    2. Neck
    3. Behind the ears, knees, elbows
    4. Hair




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