The Beauty of Dior's new perfume, Joy

The Beauty of Dior's new perfume, Joy

Dior’s newest perfume, Joy, hit the market last month and we’ve been raving about it ever since at La Belle Perfumes. Not only does the advertising campaign captivate us with a whimsical Jennifer Lawrence jumping into a pool but the scent is equally light and dreamy. The perfume offers a balance of both the femininity in the scent of jasmine and mandarin with a hint of masculinity offered by the woodsy smell of bergamot and creamy sandalwood.

Perfume creator, François Demachy, says the perfume expresses the “remarkable feeling of joy by offering an olfactive interpretation of light.”  The perfume’s presentation is simple and clean, “luminous and precious,” and geometrically infinite with a silver lid that is reminiscent of a light jewel marked with the words “Dior.” This allows the soft beauty of the pink liquid to take center stage and the necessary element to any vanity table.

Make La Belle Perfumes your next stop and make sure to get this perfume. We’re happy to share the JOY.



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