House History: Things You Didn't know about Dior

It's easy to get lost in the luxurious ambiance created by any Dior advertisement or runway design.  Take for example the newly released, updated campaign featuring an ageless Charlize Theron emerging from a pool of golden silk. She leads a group of women in golden dresses down a runway as she whispers "J'adore."  Or my personal favorite, the revised Miss Dior campaign released this Fall showing an emotionally fueled Natalie Portman experiencing extreme moments of love and chaos all over Paris. I mean... I need that in my life, right?! If that's what happens, hand me some Miss Dior ASAP.

However, many interesting facts get overlooked about the house's creator, Christian Dior. His history is rich with historical relevance. Hence, here I am to provide you with some details perfect for small talk at any dinner party.


1. Dior studied politics. Yeah... before Dior established his fashion house he actually studied political science at the École des Sciences Politiques on request of his father who dreamed Christian would one day become a great diplomat.

2. Dior enjoyed art. After graduation, he opened an art gallery in Paris and carried some renowned artists, such as Pablo Picasso. 

3. Dior was superstitious. It is said that he was unable to start any show without first having his tarot cards read.

4. Dior created his first fragrance in honor of his sister Catherine. After being released from a concentration camp for her role in the French Resistance, Dior celebrated his sister by creating his first scent, Miss Dior, after her. It was created with floral scents in remembrance of their time spent together in Grasse.

5. Dior primed other great designers. Yves Saint Laurent was only 21 years old when he was named to be successor and artistic director of Dior upon Christian's death.

You see how dynamic the man was? Doesn't this just make you want to get out for some Dior?! Superb, I know just the place.

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