Different Perfumes Types and Why You Need to Know Them!

Different Perfumes Types and Why You Need to Know Them!

When you hear perfume, your instinct is, more than likely, to think of women’s perfumes; however, perfume can be represented by cologne and other fragrances often used by men and children as well. These different perfume types listed will help you understand the broader nature of perfume and the occasions you can use them for.

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    1. Perfume
      1. Less alcohol in the mixture - for people with sensitive skin
      2. Lasts up to 24 hours
      3. Most amount of essential oils in the mixture
      4. Up to 40% concentration - Small dabs last all day
    1. Eau de Perfume
      1. A little more alcohol and water in the mixture
      2. Lasts up to 8 hours
      3. Still has essential oils, despite the alcohol and water content
      4. Up to 15% concentration - found in spray bottles
    1. Eau de Toilette
      1. Less offensive and potent - great for an office or other workspace 
      2. Lasts up to 4 hours
      3. Less essential oils
      4. Up to 15% concentration - requires refreshing during the day
    1. Eau de Cologne
      1. Generally for people who wanted a lighter scent, but has turned into a men’s fragrance over time
      2. Only lasts up to 2 hours
      3. Even less essential oils 
      4. Up to 5% concentration - generally less expensive due to lower percentage
  1. Eau Fraiche
    1. Mostly consists of water 
    2. Only lasts up to 1 hour
    3. Least amount of essential oils
    4. Up to 3% concentration - dissipates quickly so only used for refreshing 



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