Cologne vs. Perfume: Characteristics and Applications

Cologne vs. Perfume: Characteristics and Applications

Perfumes and colognes are fragrances designed for specific purposes. Although they are similar products, they have defining characteristics that make them best suited for different applications. Here is everything you need to know about cologne vs perfume.

Cologne Characteristics

Colognes are masculine scents. Although they do no not usually last as long as perfumes and need to be reapplied throughout the day to maintain the scent, colognes often feature deeper scent notes that result in a richer scent.

Although colognes can use the same scent notes as perfumes, the defining feature between the two categories is that colognes typically feature earthy and musky notes while perfumes prefer fruity and floral accords. In a cologne, you typically find scent notes such as cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. You may also find sea notes or aldehydes in lighter, more refreshing colognes. They often use floral and fruity scent notes for balance, but they feature richer notes that are usually earthy in nature.

Cologne Application

Heat helps to diffuse a fragrance, so applying cologne to pulse points is the best way to maximize the lifetime of the fragrance. Dabbing the aroma onto the pulse points at the wrist is an option, but most men prefer to apply cologne to the pulse points at their necks or chests.

Cologne usually has a stronger scent than a perfume. For men who want a lighter application that does not last all day, they can spritz the aroma over their clothing to achieve the desired scent without allowing it to become overwhelming.

Perfume Characteristics

Perfumes usually have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than colognes. They are often classified as eau de toilette or eau de parfums depending upon the concentration of fragrance oil. As a result, perfumes usually linger on skin for at least five hours and often up to eight.

Colognes favor earthy and woody scent notes, but you will usually find floral and fruity accords in perfumes. Perfumes are more likely to contain notes such as jasmine, carnation, lemon and green apple. They often feature earthy base notes that provide balance and depth, but the overall aroma is typically floral or fruity and usually lingers for most of the day although the scent is less potent than that of most colognes.

Perfume Application

The best way to optimize the longevity of a perfume is to apply the fragrance directly to your postpones. Many women prefer to dab the aroma onto their wrists or behind their ears, but you can also apply perfume to the pulse points on your neck and behind your knees.

If you prefer a lighter application for a more casual event, you can spritz the fragrance into the air and walk through the perfume mist. As the perfume settles naturally onto your clothes and skin, it leaves you with a lighter aroma that will likely dissipate within a few hours.

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