A Guide to the Best Ariana Grande Perfume for Any Occasion

A Guide to the Best Ariana Grande Perfume for Any Occasion

As an international pop star, Ariana Grande has taken the world by storm and become a household name. She started releasing fragrances under her name in 2015. Here's everything you need to know about the best Ariana Grande perfume for every occasion.

Aromas for Everyday Wear

If you want a classic fragrance for everyday wear, choose one with light scent notes. Perfumes with strong fruity, floral or gourmand accords are ideal as signature everyday scents.

Sweet Like Candy 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Sweet Like Candy is one great option for everyday wear from Ariana Grande's catalog. Released in 2016, this tantalizing aroma opens with top notes of pear, blackberry and bergamot. Gourmand heart notes of marshmallow and whipped cream blend with honeysuckle, frangipani, black currant and jasmine sweeten the aroma, while base notes of cashmere and vanilla provide a creamy finish.

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Thank U Next EDP 3.4 oz for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Thank U, Next is another good fragrance for everyday wear. A light, earthy note of musk blends with sweet, gourmand macarons to ground the aroma, while heart notes of pink rose and coconut deepen the inherent sweetness. Juicy notes of pear and raspberry complete the perfume.

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Fragrances for Special Occasions

If you're attending a wedding or going on a first date, you want a memorable scent to mark the occasion. The best aromas for special events are primarily fun and flirty but are toned down with subtle base notes that are earthy or woody in nature.

Ariana Grande R.E.M 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

One great fragrance for a special occasion is R.E.M. This enchanting aroma draws people in with sweet top notes of fig, zefir, quince and caramel blended with salt. Heart notes of pear blossom and lavender incorporate a sweet floral accord, while earthy base notes of sandalwood, musk and tonka bean provide balance and add a layer of sophistication to the scent.

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Mod Vanilla 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Another good fragrance option for special occasions is Mod Vanilla. The aroma is tantalizing sweet, but earthy notes offer a delicate balance that makes this scent ideal for special events. Top notes of delicate pink freesia and juicy plum intertwine with earthy musk for a perfectly balanced opening. Heart notes of orris root and praline add another layer of balance to the perfume, and base notes of vanilla and cacao butter finish off the aroma with a lovely gourmand accord.

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Perfumes for Evening Events

When you are looking for a fragrance to wear in the evenings after work, you want a scent that is sweet but also sophisticated. The best perfumes to wear in the evenings often feature floral and fruity notes with an earthy or woody base.

Ari by Ariana Grande 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Ari is a perfect example of a classic evening aroma. Fruity top notes of pear, raspberry and grapefruit open the fragrance with a strong juicy accord. Floral heart notes of lily of the valley, orchid and rose intertwine  and deepen the perfume's inherent sweetness. A foundation of musk and woody notes finish off the aroma.

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Moonlight By Ariana Grande 3.4 oz EDP for women
 - LaBelle Perfumes

The earthy undertone in Moonlight makes it another great evening fragrance. Earthy base notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood create a solid foundation that balances out the sweetness of the top and heart layers. The heart of the perfume contains delicate peony and gourmand marshmallow, while the top notes are juicy plum and vibrant black currant.

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Scents for Casual Occasions

Ariana Grande Cloud 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Cloud is a lovely aroma for casual wear. A blend of woody notes and musk creates an earthy base for the perfume, while heart notes of pear, lavender and bergamot incorporate a sweetness that balances the earthy accord. Top notes of vanilla orchid, praline, whipped cream and coconut finish the perfume with a light gourmand accord.

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Mod Blush 3.4 oz EDP for women - LaBelle Perfumes

Mod Blush is another Ariana Grande perfume that wears well for casual events. It opens with juicy notes of bergamot, passionfruit and raspberry mixed with spicy pink pepper. Floral heart notes of magnolia and rose intertwined with fruity pear, while earthy base notes of dreamwood, ambroxan, musk and sandalwood balance out the sweetness.

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When you want a fragrance that is slightly more sophisticated than an everyday aroma but still suitable for casual wear, look for a scent that balances sweet and earthy accords.

How To Choose the Right Fragrance for Any Occasion

All perfumes contain various scent notes, and the categories these notes fall into determine the sophistication of any given aroma. Fragrances belong to one of four fragrance families:

  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Fresh
  • Woody

Any fragrance can be worn at any time of the year for any occasion, but certain perfume families make different scents more suitable for specific events. Fresh aromas are typically best for everyday wear, while floral perfumes may be better suited for special occasions. Fruity fragrances give off a vibrant and refreshing tone, so they are perfect for casual first dates or other events during the daytime. Woody scents may be best suited for evening wear because they feature more sophisticated scent notes that bring the perfect balance to any aroma.

How To Find the Best Ariana Grande Perfume for Your Collection

Ariana Grande has a fragrance catalog full of scents that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Learning how to analyze these perfumes is important if you want to find one that is perfect for a specific occasion. Whether you want a signature scent to wear in the office or you want a fragrance that is fun and flirty for a first date, looking at scent notes is an important step.

Fragrances with woody, smokey and earthy accords are often best suited for special occasions, while those with floral and fruity scent notes may wear best for casual events. Look at the scent notes in perfumes to decide which occasion they are ideal for. Choosing fragrances that match the occasion helps set the tone for the event so you can smell your best and enjoy life whether you're running errands, meeting friends for lunch or hitting the club after work.

Find Your New Favorite Fragrance From Ariana Grande's Collection

As a fragrance designer, Ariana Grande has more than a dozen perfumes in her catalog. Browse the selection of aromas from her collection at LaBelle Perfumes and find your new signature scent.


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