7 Popular 80s Perfumes You Can Buy Today

7 Popular 80s Perfumes You Can Buy Today

Perfumes and colognes have always been a way to express personal style and in the 1980s, more and more people started adding fragrances to their fashion routine. During this time period, high-quality perfumes became more commercially available and fragrance houses began to make scents that would be loved for decades. If you want to try an 80s perfume, here are a few scents that were great then and are great now.

80s Perfume Options To Try

Whether you need a new signature fragrance or just want to add a vintage scent to your collection, these seven perfumes are perfect to try. They became some of the most popular fragrances of the 80s and are relevant today. You can shop Labelle Perfumes to find these scents and more at great prices.

Poison by Dior

This 80s perfume is a daring and hypnotic fragrance. Poison by Dior has a fiery feel, with spicy coriander adding heat to sweet berries and tuberose. Honey, amber and sandalwood are also in the blend, bringing warmth and softness. This is a fragrance for a woman who wants to give off an air of power and mystery.

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Shalimar by Guerlain

This fragrance is a timeless classic born from the inspiration of the Mughal gardens of Shalimar. Bergamot, lemon and iris create a bright and sparkling opening. Powdery vanilla, rose and opoponax are the scent notes at the heart of the perfume, balancing out a base of leather, incense and smoky tonka bean.

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Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsession by Calvin Klein is all about sensual passion. It has an intriguing scent with citrus and spice in the opening notes. The fragrance softens with the heart notes of jasmine, orange blossom and oakmoss. The trailing base notes are warm and inviting, featuring amber and vanilla.

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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Oriental and spicy, Opium is intoxicating. This is a bold fragrance made for someone who wants to stand out. Citrus and spices open this fragrance, leading to a rich heart of carnation, myrrh and jasmine. A smoldering base of amber, patchouli and vanilla creates a captivating signature that is sure to stand out in a crowd.

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Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

If you wear this 80s perfume, you'll have to have an appreciation for floral scents. Giorgio is packed with flower notes, including ylang-ylang, peach, bergamot and orange blossom combined into a delightful bouquet for the opening. Even more flowers come in with the heart notes of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and rose. Earthy and warm patchouli and sandalwood add a bit of balance in the base notes.

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Beautiful by Estee Lauder

As the name suggests, this perfume is all about feminine beauty. Floral elements lead this scent with notes of rose, lily, marigold and tuberose. Citrus adds freshness, while sandalwood and vetiver provide a soft woody base. This is a great scent to wear for casual or formal events.

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Drakkar Noir by Drakkar Noir

Colognes were also popular in the 80s and few had as big of a following as Drakkar Noir. The scent is bold and masculine with aromatic notes of lavender, rosemary and citrus. After that bright and fresh opening, the heart notes bring spice with coriander and juniper. A strong base of leather, fir balsam, and patchouli leaves a lasting impression.

These fragrances were all hits in the 80s and have started to inspire new generations of fragrance lovers as well. Having a few in your collection is an easy way to add variety to your fragrance routine while enjoying a little bit of history.

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Tips for Wearing 80s Perfume

The 80s were not a time for subtlety and that can be seen in the popular fragrances of the day. Many of these scents were bold and in-your-face, designed to make a big impression. In today's world, perfumes tend to be a bit softer and less assertive. Here are a few things you can do to make these vintage fragrances work for you.

Understand the Scent

Start by getting a feel for the fragrance. Get familiar with the scent notes and find out which ones tend to stand out more and have longer sillage. These bold fragrances should probably be used gingerly unless you intend to have your scent stand out.

Pick the Right Occasion

A bold 80s perfume can be perfect for evening events, colder weather and when you want to make a statement. However, they may not be right for days at the office or casual get-togethers. Lighter, fresher scents are usually better for daytime and warmer temperatures.

Don't Over-Apply the Scent

These fragrances are powerful so a little goes a long way. Avoid spraying too much or applying too often. You can control the scent level in different ways:

  • Less is More: Start with one or two sprays of a bold fragrance. You can always add more later if needed.
  • Pulse Points: Apply to warmer areas like your wrists, neck, behind your ears or your inner elbows. These points help to diffuse the scent throughout the day.
  • Hair and Clothing: A light spritz on your hair or clothing can create a subtle, lingering fragrance trail.

Create a New Blend

You don't have to wear an 80s perfume by itself. You can mix vintage and modern and layer your classic perfume with another scent. Maybe you have a bold, floral 80s scent that you want to add a bit of edge to. Apply a light amount of the floral scent, then a bit of a spicier perfume or cologne. You can create different combinations that work for you and will be unique in a crowd.

Enjoy the Classics With 80s Perfume

There is always something new in the world of fragrance, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for the classics. These seven vintage scents that were popular in the 80s are still relevant and still smell great. They can be repurposed to fit into your modern beauty routine and are great additions to your perfume collection. To get 80s perfume, shop with LaBelle Perfumes today.


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