10 Strong Perfumes for Women Who Want to Go Bold

10 Strong Perfumes for Women Who Want to Go Bold

Perfume is a sensorial introduction to your personality without you having to say a word. Your signature scent should leave a lasting impression on all you meet. Intense, bold women can confidently consider one of these ten strong perfumes.

1. Libre Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

The number one strong perfume for women is Libre Intense. Launched in 2020 by Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim, it includes Vanilla and orange blossom floral base notes mixed with orchid and lavender. It is similar to the original Eau de Parfum but much stronger.

2. La Femme Intense By Prada

A unique combination of patchouli, tuberose, frangipani, vetiver and other intense florals, Le Femme eau de parfum is sure to leave its mark on all who cross your path. It is an extremely floral scent that premiered in 2017 and continues to be popular today.

3. Bamboo by Gucci

Meant to reflect confident femininity and the modern woman, Gucci’s Bamboo for women is woody and floral. It has been described as gentle but intense and combines citrus, ylang-ylang, lily, sandalwood, amber, and Tahitian vanilla.

4. Montale Intense Cherry by Montale

Montale Intense is a distinct fragrance perfect for unique women. It is a strong perfume for women and men alike, featuring sour black cherry combined with bergamot. The scent is reminiscent of the outdoors in summertime.

5. Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobs

This warm, bold eau de parfum by Marc Jacobs is Perfect. This fragrance highlights that you are perfect just as you are. Nutty roast almond, floral jasmine, daffodil, and heavy sandalwood combine to represent the perfect, confident woman.

6. La Vie Est Belle Intense by Lancome

Launched three years after the original, La Vie Est Belle Intense combines pink pepper, orange, bergamot, pear, jasmine, and hazelnut cream scents for a truly unique and intense eau de parfum.

7. Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolce & Gabbana

This Mediterranean-esque strong perfume for women is bright but bold. The intense version of this iconic Dolce & Gabbana Scent was released sixteen years after the original. It is sharp and crisp, combining lemon, apple, marigold, jasmine, and notes of amber and musk.

8. Yellow Diamond Intense by Versace

Being described as both bright and mysterious, seductive and luminous, Yellow Diamond Intense combines diamond cedrat, neroli, pear, and bergamot with floral notes and an amber, musk, and guaiac wood base.

9. L’Interdit Intense by Givenchy

L’Interdit is a bold scent including tuberose, sesame, and vanilla, with orange blossom as its main feature. Its vetiver and patchouli base notes give it a deep, bold fragrance that lingers.

10. Lady Emblem by Mont Blanc

Lady Emblem features pink rose, peach, and red currant opening notes, but the core of this eau de parfum is woody patchouli, rosewood, and sandalwood. It is both musky and fruity, a great combination for a strong perfume for women.

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